At Positive Pathways, We Get It…

Autism affects your family in ways most of the world will never understand. At Positive Pathways, we get it. From research-based treatment that is scientifically proven to work, to family support and training, we have what it takes to help your child thrive.  Choose a service that works for you:

For Children Struggling With Any of the Following Autism-Related Challenges:

  • Temper Tantrums
  • Self-Injurious Behavior
  • Communication
  • Vocabulary
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Playing with Toys
  • Playing with Others
  • Eating
  • Socializing
  • Repetitive Behaviors
  • Academic Problems
  • Anxiety
  • Anger

We Help Kids:

  • Communicate More Effectively
  • End Self-Injurious Behaviors
  • Stop Most Temper Tantrums
  • Socialize More Effectively
  • Relate to Family More Effectively
  • Carry Out Routines
  • Perform Better Academically
  • Learn Self-Management Skills
  • Eat with Ease
  • Become More Independent
  • Master Life
  • … And Much More!

Why Positive Pathways

Parents throughout the Bay Area choose Positive Pathways because our caring, professional staff provide one-on-one ABA therapy tailored to each and every individual child. We view our work as a sacred duty and let nothing stand in the way of helping our children succeed. Contact Positive Pathways today by calling 650.260.4670.