let's play

Let’s Play!

Playing is such a critical developmental skill in childhood, as kids learn to negotiate, take turns, understand non-verbal communication, use their imagination, and imitate peers, all while playing! Challenges with Play However, children on the autism spectrum often appear to have difficulty “playing.” The act of “playing” requires multiple advanced skills in the areas of…

ways to support an autism parent

5 Ways to Support An Autism Parent

A lot of times people may not support those affected by autism simply because they don’t know how.

It can be an uneasy feeling when learning that a friend, family member, or neighbor has been affected by autism in someway. There is the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. Then there is also the uncertainty of not know what the right thing to say is. Autism parents want your support but its hard for them too.

Autism Case Study – Rami

Autism Case Study: Naturalistic Approach Helps 3-Year-Old With Autism Go With the Flow and Build Healthy Relationships Once on the verge of being expelled from preschool, Rami develops a healthy skillset for continuing on to kindergarten. Chris’s pulse quickened, his pupils dilated, and his hands sweat. It was time to get Rami to transition from…

Case Study – Simon

Oakland Boy With Autism Begins to Speak, Play and Build Relationships Parents Relieved as Tantrums and Head Banging are Replaced by Happy Family Experiences (All Names Changed for Privacy) “Simon, we already went up and down the elevator three times. We need to go to the food court now,” explained Rebecca to three-year-old Simon as…