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For children on the autism spectrum or with other developmental disabilities, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can be a life-changing experience. At Positive Pathways, we offer autism services using ABA therapy in a variety of settings and program models to help your child grow while ensuring a joyful experience through strong relationships with our therapists. Our experienced staff of Board Certified Behavior Analysts®, Clinical Supervisors, and Registered Behavior Technicians® use engaging, research-based methods while promoting social, cognitive, communication, play, and life skills.

Autism Services from Positive Pathways

We believe that your child’s treatment should be as naturalistic and engaging as possible. Therefore, we use naturalistic and play-based ABA, employing elements of Pivotal Response Training (PRT) and the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM). Pivotal Response Training is an evidence-based practice which teaches children communication, language, play, and social behaviors. The Early Start Denver Model is an evidence-based early intervention focusing on play that boosts language, social, and cognitive skills. Our autism services concentrate on child-led activities. Through our focus on improving communication abilities, social skills, and teaching positive replacement behaviors, we can help reduce negative behavior, and ensure your child is joyful.

Autism Services in California

Our play-based approach promotes greater motivation and engagement. Additionally, our approach can help your child use their new skills in a variety of environments. We tailor our programs to your child’s unique skills and abilities. We see the goal of therapy as helping children be the best version of themselves, allowing them to lead happy and successful lives. 

Since we are working with the entire family system, we incorporate the family into every aspect of our programming. When parents are involved in their child’s ABA therapy, they can reinforce the behaviors their child learns in treatment. At Positive Pathways, we make it a priority to listen to and collaborate with parents.

Our autism services include:

  • In-home ABA – Therapists can work with your schedule to provide in-home care. Ideal for young children and can help the entire family learn how to reinforce ABA interventions
  • ABA therapy in schools and communities – Our “push-in” model in schools allows your child to stay in the classroom as our staff intervenes when necessary
  • Center-based services – Your child can rapidly learn new skills in a supportive, structured, and fun setting with their peers. Morning programs for our “early intervention owls” takes place five days a week while our “afternoon owls” meet after school for play-based ABA therapy
  • Individual ABA therapy – One-on-one intensive ABA therapy can prepare your child for academic settings and reinforce positive behaviors

Service Locations

We know that being flexible is important, so we provide autism services in a variety of locations. Our flexible service delivery model is also designed to promote opportunities for generalization. Whether at our centers, in school, or through community-based services, your child will have access to typically developing peers. Depending on your child’s funding source, our sessions are provided in the following settings:

  • Center-Based Services: We have locations in Oakland and Antioch
  • In-home: We provide in-home services in San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties.
  • In-school: We work in many private preschools, head-starts, and daycares throughout the Bay Area. Some parents have also been able to use our services in public schools
  • Community locations and social outings, such as playdates at local parks
  • Elementary school through high school
  • Afterschool programs
  • Group programs such as the Janet Pomeroy Center

Please note Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC) and Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB) clients are limited to services only in the child’s natural environment (i.e., home/daycare/community). However, parents may access therapy in other locations by using their health insurance.

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