a teacher utilizing aba therapy for schools and communitiesWhen your child is ready for the next step after in-home or center-based ABA services, Positive Pathways can help you navigate the transition. ABA therapy in schools and communities might be the right next step for your child. We work in many private preschools and head start programs throughout the Bay Area. Some families have also successfully used their insurance for ABA services at public schools.

The Benefits of ABA Therapy in Schools and Communities

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy, applies principles of behavior to make meaningful social changes in your child’s life. School time can be challenging for children on the autism spectrum. Other children and distractions can also sometimes hinder their educational progress. Through ABA therapy in school, our team can help your child build lasting connections with peers while accessing the curriculum.  

Some of the other benefits of ABA therapy in schools and communities include:

  • School settings can also be tailored to your child’s unique needs. Children who do well in art or music can work individually during those lessons. Then, during more challenging subjects, they can work with their ABA therapist. 
  • Therapists can provide interventions as needed. This allows your child to remain in the classroom. At Positive Pathways, our trained staff know when to step in and when to let your child use their generalized skills on their own.
  • In schools and the community, your child is also likely to have opportunities for positive social interactions with their peers. We help to scaffold these situations to ensure your child is successful. 
  • In the broader environment of a school, your child can meet others with similar interests. Children on the autism spectrum can feel isolated, but social bonds can help.

One goal of ABA therapy is for children to learn to use their social skills while in a variety of settings. Community-based ABA services can help your child generalize their social, play, and communication skills. When they only use their skills in specific situations such as during therapy sessions, they might not know how to use them during public outings or other environments.

ABA Therapy in Schools and Communities in California

At Positive Pathways, we provide a “push-in” model where we help your child access the curriculum of the classroom. The alternative involves pulling them out to provide our services in a separate location. In the push-in model, your child does not miss out on valuable instruction. Staying in the classroom can also promote social bonds. Our trained therapy staff helps to scaffold social situations to improve successful peer interactions. We know when to “fade in” and “fade out” our support during the school day to ensure that your child reaches their full potential for independence and success. 

ABA Therapy Through Positive Pathways

Additionally, Positive Pathways is an approved Non-Public Agency certified by the California Department of Education. We can also provide behaviorally trained aides to school sites throughout the Bay Area. We service:

  • San Francisco
  • Contra Costa County
  • Alameda County

And if your child is not yet attending school, we provide individual ABA therapy in our center and in-homes to meet your child’s needs. Early intervention is important for long-term positive outcomes. So even before your child enters school, ABA therapy can set them up for success. Our experienced staff can create a treatment plan that fits your child’s unique abilities and needs. Additionally, we offer after-school programs that can complement in-school services.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced in working with children on the autism spectrum and with other developmental disabilities. For more information about ABA therapy in schools and communities in California, contact Positive Pathways today. Reach out to a member of our staff at 650.260.4670 to find out what we can do for your child.

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