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Center-based ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) allows your child to rapidly learn skills in a supportive, fun, and structured setting with their peers. Multiple supervisors, including Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), are present daily, offering constant guidance to the team. At Positive Pathways, we want to see every child learn and grow. Our ABA center services are just one way that we can help your child thrive.

In-Center ABA Services

Research shows that children learn more through ABA center services than through the same amount of treatment in-home. Location matters more than you might think. In a specialized program like Positive Pathways, our experienced team, including Board Certified Behavior Analysts®, are present daily to supervise our Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs®) to implement highly effective therapy. Our experienced staff understands how each unique child learns, therefore, we develop specific programs to support your child’s behavior, communication, and social skills. Since every staff member is trained specifically to work with children on the autism spectrum using ABA, every person your child comes into contact with understands their unique needs and is dedicated to ensuring your child’s success. 

Why Choose Center-Based ABA Services?

At our ABA center, we design every activity for children on the autism spectrum or with other developmental disabilities. These centers also offer a 1:1 student to therapist ratio to ensure your child has every opportunity available to rapidly learn new skills. Our staff collect data daily on your child’s goals and make data-based decisions specific to each child’s treatment plan. At Positive Pathways, our staff regularly attend professional development conferences and team meetings. Regular feedback and supervision are part of our program to ensure our staff is always improving and able to provide your child with the highest quality of services. 

At Positive Pathways, we offer in-school and community-based programs along with individual ABA therapy at our ABA center or in-home ABA therapy. Our experienced staff can help you find the best plan for your child’s unique needs 

ABA Center Services in California at Positive Pathways

Positive Pathways provides center-based services at two bay area locations: Oakland and Antioch. At our centers, we have two different types of programs to fit our children’s needs. Preschool and school-aged children can receive ABA therapy through either our early intervention or after school services.

We offer a five-days per week morning early intervention ABA program for children using play-based approaches. We recommended this approach for children under seven (our “early intervention owls”). Typically, this program includes at least 25 hours of ABA therapy per week. We utilize a variety of techniques, including:

  • Pivotal Response Training – A child-initiated treatment which focuses on motivation and self-management
  • Natural Environment Teaching – Teaches children to use the skills learned in therapy in other settings
  • The Early Start Denver Model – Language, social, and cognitive skills acquired through play

For school-aged children, we offer after-school ABA services focusing on social and adaptive skills. Of course, we always tailor our programs to your child’s unique needs. 

Many families choose our ABA center services over special education preschools. While at our ABA centers, your child will receive both one-on-one, highly specialized instruction as well as play-based therapy with their peers. Research shows that early intervention is crucial for long-term positive outcomes. Once skills are established, your child’s program can be easily generalized in the home and community settings. We also often provide a combination of center-based and in-home services to accommodate the unique needs of your child.

We have centers conveniently located in Oakland and Antioch. Contact Positive Pathways today at 650.260.4670 to find out more about how ABA center services can be right for your child’s unique needs.


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