a woman learning about positive pathways careersIf you are considering a career in autism therapy, Positive Pathways offers continuing education, opportunities for growth, and regular team building all in a warm, nurturing environment. Our goal is for our team to have the tools they need to care for the children and families they serve while receiving support and encouragement. We provide consistent training and supervision, competitive pay, and continual growth opportunities. Learn more about our culture at Positive Pathways and view our active job openings for more information.

Our Supportive Environment

At Positive Pathways, we understand that we cannot properly care for our children unless our staff is also cared for and supported. That’s why we place a strong emphasis on self-care for our staff. This helps reduce burnout and allows us to provide high-quality care for the children and families we serve.  

Some of the ways we offer support to our staff include:

  • Monthly meetups for our center-based staff
  • Coffee meetups for in-home staff between sessions
  • Daily team meetings in our centers
  • Optional social opportunities, including happy hours, bowling, and sporting events

In addition to these opportunities for team building, we offer regular training and a mentorship program for our behavior technicians. In order to provide the highest quality care possible for our children and families, we make sure that our staff regularly receives training on new advancements and best practices in ABA therapy. Every six weeks, we offer all-staff training sessions on various behavior analytic topics. We also encourage our staff to take charge of their professional development as well. We also offer an incentive program for our Registered Behavior Technicians where they can earn “tickets” for demonstrating excellent ABA skills that they can then cash in.

In our mentorship program, we match all Behavior Technicians with a more experienced staff member that they can go to with questions and for regular check-ins. Our new Behavior Technicians are matched with longer-tenured techs, while more senior BTs are matched with supervisors. In regular meetings (at least once per month), you’ll discuss opportunities for growth, how cases are going, and any areas of concern. These meetings can help you grow professionally while you connect with other members of the team.

Opportunities for Growth

We are committed to offering regular opportunities for growth to all of our staff members. No matter where you start out at Positive Pathways, we have a plan for your professional growth. We provide a Behavior Technician to Board Certified Behavior Analyst Pathway Program with unparalleled supervision to meet the Behavior Analyst Certification Board standards. 

At Positive Pathways, we encourage all of our staff members to reach out with questions about opportunities for growth. We provide initial Registered Behavior Technician training for all staff during their first month of employment. New Behavior Technicians have the opportunity to become a Lead Behavior Technician after six months with Positive Pathways. In this new role, they can take on mentoring responsibilities as well as training new staff members.

We also offer Assistant Clinical Supervisor, Clinical Supervisor, and Behavior Analyst positions. Ultimately, we want those on our team to have roles in which they can thrive. We can always create roles for fantastic team members, and we look forward to the opportunity to learn about your unique skills and strengths. 

Our Open Positions at Positive Pathways

Learn more about our current job openings here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 650.260.4670. At Positive Pathways, you’ll find a supportive environment where you can grow. We’re committed to providing a nurturing environment for both the children in our care and our staff members. We look forward to hearing from you.

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