a child benefiting from aba in home servicesThere are many options for ABA therapy, including center-based services, in-school and community-based autism programs, and in-home services. However, ABA in-home services are often the right fit for busy families who want to be highly involved on a daily basis and do not feel that their child is ready yet for center or school-based services. In-home services provide many opportunities for parents to learn how to reinforce ABA interventions and implement your child’s programs. This helps the child learn desired behaviors and use their new skills in various settings.

Benefits of ABA In-Home Services

The purpose of in-home ABA therapy is to help your child be as successful and independent as possible while ensuring positive relationships are encouraged with all family members. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) involves changes in behavior patterns through positive reinforcement. Initially, your therapy provider will assess your child’s unique needs and abilities. Some of the benefits of ABA in-home services include:

  • Regular meetings between supervisors and parents
  • Unique opportunities to incorporate the whole family in therapy
  • Improved social skills with the entire family, including siblings
  • Self-help skills like toilet training, dressing, and eating
  • Improved verbal communication and increased independence in the home
  • ABA therapy is incredibly effective when taught in a natural environment
  • Increased opportunities for parent training
  • Ability to practice skills out in the community with parents and therapists

Research shows that when parents reinforce ABA interventions, children have improved social interactions and verbalizations. In other words, parental involvement is key to how a child develops social and behavioral skills.

ABA In-Home Services in California

Our experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) will begin with an assessment of your child’s current abilities and needs. We’ll evaluate your child’s communication skills, social skills, and behavior before creating a treatment plan. Your therapist will also schedule regular meetings with the family to discuss your child’s progress, any concerns, and how parents and siblings can help to reinforce ABA interventions. During ABA in-home services, your child will learn social, communication, play, listener, and adaptive skills. You can set up a meeting with our staff by contacting us today.

In-Home ABA with Positive Pathways

We provide ABA in-home services in California to San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Alameda counties. We invite you to contact Positive Pathways at 650.260.4670 to learn more about our in-home services, center-based services, and other programs we offer. Our goal is to help your child thrive.

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